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In episode 11 of the TV Drama Series, Professor Johnbull, the knotty issues of poor power supply and the attendant hazards of noise pollution from generating sets take the centre stage.

Viewers will watch the dramatisation of the
harrowing experiences people endure when
either themselves or their neighbours are
compelled to improvise with noisy electricity
generating sets after a cut in public electricity supply.

The episode entitled Voice of the City, directed by Tchidi Chikere, touches on another national issue in a bid to make every member of the society realise that everyone has a role to play in managing the precarious situation.

"Voice of the City will not only educate viewers about one of the challenges
confronting us as a nation, the episode will
also, in a very comic way, emphasise the need for good neighbourliness. This makes
the episode a must watch for all,"

With the inimitable Mama G, Patience Ozokwor, making a guest appearance, viewers are sure of fun as they unravel what transpires between Mama G and Olaniyi (Yomi Fash-Lanso), the nkwobi restaurateur.

What is Voice of the City? How will it affect the 'proximate people' and by extension every member of the society? How will Mama G and the erudite Professor handle it when their households are thrown into darkness and they are faced with noisy generators?

The episode is not only hilarious but revealing. Voice of the City parades the likes of Kanayo O. Kanayo, Queen Nwokoye, Bimb