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Episode 6 of #ProfessorJohnBull discusses the vexed issues of dating and marriage among young women of marriageable age entitled " Half bread and Puff-puff". Discover the latest meanings of "Puff-puff" and "Half bread" as well as the antics of desperate young ladies and their strategies for getting husbands in contemporary Nigeria, lol..

It promises to be the most interesting edition so far as the quartet of Mama G (Madam Christiana), Bimbo Akintola (Ufoma) , Bidemi Kosoko (Jumoke) and Sani Danja (Malik) unravel the theme in a hilarious and entertaining manner which is the hallmark of the TV drama series.

What are the views of highly talented Mama G on the predicament of ladies chasing rich men and other matters of the heart?

Watch video to find out more.