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Pythons are a species of snakes from the boa
family, but with certain characteristics that
make them different. They feed on warm- blooded animals, wrapping them with their
body and asphyxiating them. They tend to be harmless.

A few months ago, a python was found dead in South Africa. Its belly was swollen in an
uncommon way. All the central part of its body was very swollen.

Vets were suspecting the damage was done by another animal, but they never imagined what it really was. To discover what had caused the snake’s death, the vets practiced an autopsy and found something unexpected.

The python had a porcupine inside. The
porcupine was 31 inches long and weighed 29
pounds. The porcupine’s spines had torn all the python’s entrails. The mammal was already dead.