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  Date: October 16, 2016

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“Ella walked in, I shut the door and she sat on my bed watching a naija movie I arranged for. We chatted for a minutes then i lay behind her and joined her in watching the movie. She seemed interested in the movie sha (no mind naija girls Jare, if u follow their words. and action, u no go succeed to Straff dem oh).

My mind no even dey d film sef I just plan how to executive my mission.

Then I began my usual technique by holding
palms with her and gently caressing her palm. Most times, a girl who’s ready would get the message and unconsciously caress your palm too or adjust to a position where you can have access to her intimate zones.

Omoh, Ella no respond in any way… chai, I Don enter one chance.

But I remember all d praise wey girls dey give me (lord of s*x) so I comport myself and re- strategize. Then I started playing with her necklace, telling her how perfect I thought she was and how I love to hug people I love. All na packaging jor, i just dey wan use style smooch her. She just turned, looked at me and smiled. That smile be like “I don’t believe you, you wanna touch my body” then I gave her a hug from behind, placing my arms slightly around her upper stomach, right under her bo’obs. I could feel the s£nsat!on of her bo’obs on my arms. Omoh, thank God say God create women oh, if not the world for be “big nonsense”. Then I started smooching her stomach gently, moving slowly to the side of her brea’sts, using my palms and fingers to caress her. Omoh, Ella just pretend like say she no send me, still dey watch the movie. She was putting on a skimpy top and a light bra inside. I made a slow “O” movement with my middle fingers around her Tips, then sq££zed her Tips as gently as possible.

Then she jerked as I sq££ze them. Viola!! She Don respond! Then I moved to a kneeling position behind her, I started kissing the sides of her neck while doing my magic with my fingers.

I could feel her heart-beat increase and her
breathing became more intense. This went on for about 4 minutes. Now or never!. I stopped kissing neck region, moved close to her ears and whispered “l wanna take your top off”. She no talk anything. Brothers, girls no like guys wey dey always seek permission oh, just study her action/ reactions and do what u feel is right. So I started to pull her shirt off slowly, I took it off!. I still left her bra on, damn! Her bra couldn’t contain her bo’obs. I started kissing her neck again, down to her spine and back. Then I unbuttoned her bra and removed them slowly. Jizos see bo’obs! I still couldn’t believe I had Ella’s bo’obs in my room. So dreams come true?. She come lie down for bed, facing up looking at me. Then she said “this is why you invited me abi?” I said “no, I really like you and I love spending time with you”. I whine am small. She believe me, I bent over and started kissing her (omoh, her lips soft like agege bread), she held the back of my head and was kissing me too. All the while, I was caressing her bo’obs and Tips with one hand. I stopped kissing her lips. I very slowly, started kissing her down: neck, chest, stomach, ribs, belly-button. Omoh, every kiss I placed on her gave her some chills. I Neva kiss her bo’obs yet (keeping the best for the last). Then I come grab her huge bo’obs, omoh my hand no fit carry am well sef. I kissed her bo’obs, started making circular movements with my tongue around her Tips. She was jerking. Then I placed my full lips around her bo’obs and sU- Cked gently, She made an “uohhh” sound. Viola!! First m0an!. my other hand was smooching her other brea’st and gently squeezing her Tips She come dey rub my head as I dey sU-Ck her. After like 1 minute, I stopped n looked at her. Omoh, she grab my head back to her nipp’les and said “you better don’t stop oh”. so this girl like this thing she come they form king-kong since. Omoh, I come continue oh switching brea’sts and doing magic with my fingers.

Occasionally, I would stop and kiss her all over her body again. Ella was m0an!ng when I was sU- Cking, sotay I come start to play blues to cover the noise. Then she took my middle finger in lips and starting sU-Cking it. Wetin this girl they do sef?. Then I made the next big move… (she was putting on Jean trousers- why this girl wear this kind protection come na?) I smooched her crouch region with my fingers reached for her zippers. Then she grabbed my hand. As she grabbed my hand, I stopped sU-Cking and looked at her with an innocent face (like 2months old pikin wey him mama loss) as if to say “wetin happen na?”. As if she read my mind, she said “what do you think you are doing?” damn! my standing di-ck just deflated and I just slumped beside her on the bed, no response. then she started raining me with questions like:

“so this is how use girls and dump them abi?”

“how many of my classmates have u slept with?”

“is this love or lust”

na today? trust me na, I gave her d best possible responses n told her that se-x would bind us together. omoh, I whine am tire, she just dey smile dey look me. baddest Guy ever liveth, I come reach for her zippers again feeling say I Don win her heart. omoh, as I touch her crouch area to open zip, she grabbed my hand saying “your plan shall not work oh, you want to use me and dump me abi?”

omoh, I started another round of brain-washing but Ella still no gree me unzip her local government oh. chai! I Don Bleep up… like say I know I for invite nneka (another big bo’obs girl wey call me that morning say she wan see me). how 1 girl go dey use me play like dis na? when more than 100 students dey willing to Bleep me. I come free her, lie down face ceiling dey think about my life. she ask me why I quiet, i say “nothing” she ask whether I dey vex I say “no , why should I be angry na. s*x or no s*x, you’re still special to me”. (big lie, I dey vex die .lol.) na wisdom I use cuz it’s good to tell girls what they wanna hear. she smiled, continued watching TV. there was silence. then she said she wants to rest on my chest. God I thank u oh! omoh she rested her face n bo’obs on my chest… I bet she could feel my heart beating like bass drums. her bo’obs on my bare chest… pure extacy!. I dey look TV but my brain couldn’t comprehend anything. lol. she asked why my heart was beating, I said I had high BP, she laughed. there was silence again then my di-ck started kicking . she placed her hands on my dic-k and said “so u Don plan to kill me today abi?” I said “no, my di-ck always kicks when am with someone I love”. she laughed again saying I was funny. really?. then she stood up, bo’obs big n erect and asked me to close my eyes…

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