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  Date: October 16, 2016

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She told me the gift was huge and big. I became anxious of coming back but It was only remaining one month before school resumes.

She said her dad was spoiling her and her
mother silly with money.

He gave her N200,000 for her accommodation and she doesn’t plan to go to hostel.

I told her to save some money aside so incase her dad goes back to London and never returns.

She said he(father) will return to london but will be sending money on a monthly basis for her upkeep till she graduates, and she will go over to join him in London.

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I asked her why she doesn’t want to go for the school hostel. She said she had seen a good apartment at the back of sonikarz hostel in gate, and is about N100k and she would love me to move in with her.

That was why she doesn’t want to stay in the
hostel. I told her I can’t move in with her; and seriously I don’t consider the idea good.
She got angry with me and ended the chat immediately.

I later called her on phone and told her we would sort it out when I come back. She said she would love me to come back early enough to school immediately school resumes, so I could help arrange some few stuffs in her soon to be new house. I agreed.
She sent me N1,500 recharge card.

Throughout that period, she was just spoiling me with recharge cards. I no even lack recharge cards sef, she go just dey send am give me. This one na enjoyment galore……”Packing in together with her” is that a good idea????? Is that how it happens??????? Where on earth are they doing that…..moving in concubine’s room and be staying together…….or does that means I have replaced seyi for fausa????? No no no, I can never leave seyi, seyi was a type all men were willing for, she is not a ferrarri freaked type, she doesn’t club or do dirty things, all she married to was her study………
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