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  Date: March 12, 2016

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Tiara picked up the diary and read ” ‘One the said day above,I had the biggest shock of my life. My three partners and best friends; Robert Obiaku, Daniel Okolie and Paul Green forcefully made me dissolve my partnership without a dime to go home with. They threatened that if I don’t comply, they would have arrested after which the case would be tried in court and a docu-ment would be provided to the judge as evidence that I am guilty of embezzlement..’ ”
“Jesus!”,Fiona cut in “Joshua’s dead?. I loved Joshua and I keep wondering when I will meet him again, I mean I was looking forward to meeting him… Jesus!!”

Tiara picked up a newspaper chipping and studied it with two other and said “The three of them now own their separate companies”
“I don’t get it”
“Paul Green opened his company and named it PJ Group of Companies. Robert Obiaku opened his and named it Obiaku’s Worldwide and Daniel named his Dandas Company Ltd”
“So they now own their private companies. What about the one the four of them partnered?”
“It was closed”
“So dad would have built his company if they hadn’t threatened him and asked him to dissolve his partnership”

Tiara kept on reading and something about Elliott’s Paper Ltd caught her eyes and she decided to read it.
In the paper, it was said that Elliott’s Paper company are solely responsible for supplying all kinds of paper for PJ Group of Companies, now she understood why Elliott both stabbed and shot her father. He was ordered to do it by Paul Green but why?
“What’s the first order of business?”,Fiona brought her back
Tiara hid the paper about the Elliott’s paper company, she didn’t know why but she had an urge to
“Yes,we’ll prepare all necessary docu-ment before the three months time when the money would be due and we’ll buy Elliott’s paper company”,she said as a matter-of-fact
“Because we’ll need something that would give us profit”profit”

“Why Elliott’s company?. He’s been nothing but good to us”
“Because I want that company and you’ll manage it while I start with Robert Obiaku”

Unexpectedly, Fiona began crying
“I wish dad was here. Mum too”,Fiona said
“Better get hold of yourself. This is revenge, you don’t need those weak feelings”
“Why?,because you don’t cry?”
“No,but I will revenge today and cry later”


In a violent knee length gown, with a “V” neckline that stuck to all her curves, she headed to the Blue Shades bar and casino where she would go and have a drink in her father’s memory.

After alighting from the cab where it took an hour and thirty minutes to get to Blue Shades because the driver had stopped at every bus stop either to drop or pick up a passenger. Walking into the bar side,she resulted into getting her own car and driver if possible. As she advanced to the bar,she grabbed a seat “Bloody mary on the rocks,please”,the barman nodded and some seconds later,he placed a napkin in front of her and the drink on top of the napkin “Your drink”,he said and turned to someone beside Tiara “What can I get for you?”
“Ummm….I’ll take whatever the lady’s having”

Tiara took a glance to the guy at her left,he’s a good looking guy,probably in his mid thirties,fair skinned,handsome in some kind of way. Suddenly, she felt his eyes on her and she reluctantly took her eyes off him.

When he saw how she was looking, he knew it was his lucky day. The way she was looking at him, he could tell she was really impressed with his looks but he doesn’t care. At least she’s one beautiful girl and he’s not going to lie,she has curves. Maybe he should get to know her.
“Umm…Good evening”,he started “I’m Pedro”,he was already offering his hands
“Good evening”,she responded but never taking his hand.
“You look beautiful”
No answer
“You gonna tell your name?”
“A rare name and a rare beautiful”
No answer
“So you come here often?”
“Once in a while”
“Haven’t seen you here before, why is that?”
“What do you do?”,Tiara asked ignoring the question
“I’m a PI”
“Didn’t think we have those in Nigeria”
“Yeah but business is dull but is quite expensive. Why are we even talking about business?”
She thought for a while that luck has shinned on her just what she needed, a private…
“Hello…..”,he brought her back to reality
“You were saying?”,she asked
“Why are even talking business?”
“I might have a job for you”

“You?”,Pedro asked
No answer
“Looking for your lost daughter?”
“Do you need the job or not?”
“It’s expensive”
“Just name your price”
“And I take it,this isn’t just about investigating?”
“No,and some other jobs”
“You mean dirty jobs?”
“I didn’t say they are dirty but they ain’t clean either”
“How long is the job?”
“Real long”
“We talking about two,three years long?”
“Maybe longer”
“Just so you know,I have my crew”
“How many are they?”
“They’re five”
“Having second thoughts?”,ignoring the question,she reached inside her purse and brought a paper and pen. Placing it on the table, she wrote something and handed it to Pedro “Here bring your crew to this address”,he collected it as she placed some bills on the table for the barman to collect. She turned to Pedro “You’re bills been paid”. As she made to leave,Pedro arm gripped hers “You are not doing me any favours by giving me a job”,he said but she looked at the arm that gripped and looked up at Pedro,giving him a cold stare and he released his hold and she left.

He looked at her retreating back and wondered why on earth he took the job. He hated female bossed but he just couldn’t say no to her and business was hard for him to find anyway,at least he would be receiving salary every month instead of waiting for a job that comes once in awhile but his new lady boss would be mean but he doesn’t care as long as he was getting paid,there would no problem-no problem at all. He gulped the remainder of his bloody Mary and left the bar,he was going to break the news to his crew. Luck has shinned on them.

As sat at the back of the taxi,it just dawned on her that her life has changed. She and Fiona are now worth billions. Her mind drifted back to Pedro,she knew he took the job because of money and nothing else. If he thinks he was doing her any favours by taking the job then she suggests he wakes up from his slumber. Only one thing occupies her heart and that was Revenge and she had spent every second of every minute plotting for revenge and no one-no one is going to stand in her way.

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