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  Date: November 3, 2015

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“Mosbi how him take die?’ i asked.”
shey you know say he just become rich over night.guess how he take get am?”.
i tried to crack my brain for sometime.

’he play mami-wata 419; i answered.moses laughed,then nodded.”yes paulo scam mami-wata.

but that na after sha”.”what do you mean?’.
he drank his star beer.”

mami-wata come visit am one night like that.he come screw reward she come give am riches”.

i couldn’t believe this,so thats how he got all those cash.”but nothing goes 4 notin” i said. its an established fact that if the devil gives you one thing,he will take one thousand.atleast thats what i’ve heard.

“wetin mami-wata ask in return?” i finally asked.”now you are talking.

the agreement be say he go get riches in return say he no go ever born pikin.or else he go die”trust paul na,easy way to get money,he quickly accepted the

the more he screwed the mami-wata the richer he became.”wetin come make the mami-wata kill am if them don already agree”.moses laughed “you dey talk like you know no paulo.

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the guy come scam the chick o.he go marry one girl for their the mami-wata find out” she later came to claim his soul but paul was ready for her.he shot her with the shortgun he hid under his the mami-wata shook the bullet off,he followed it the juju he had acquired from the babalawo in his mothers

them talk say mami-wata power pass winch.she used him to wipe ceiling before demolishing his mansion with water.he died choking on the water. “poor paul” sammy concluded.”the guy tough o.

419 till death”i said jokingly trying to lighten their moods.i took two more 10pm
i decided it was time to go area by 12 na no go i went to the back to take a leak,ebiere followed me.

she grabbed me from behind.i gave her what she wanted,she asked for more but i declined.
wrong decision.had i known.


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