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  Date: March 12, 2016

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It was a thirty minutes journey between Reavon Health to the police station. When she entered, she saw the counter at the side if the medium sized room
“Good morning, sir”,Fiona started
“Yes Morning”,the officer stopped what he was doing and looked up
“I’d like to get a police report”,immediately she noticed his countenance changed
“Police report for wetin?”
“My father has been shot and the hospital asks for a police report”
“You sure say your father no be thief?”
“Okay,so where how dem carry shoot am?”
“I don’t know”
“The thing be say I no fit just give you police report like that, I get to see the person. Wetin you go do be say,you go carry your father come make I see am”
“But he’s dying”
“I sat make you carry am come make I see am”
“Please, I can’t. Just help him. Please”
“Listen to me. I didn’t say I won’t give you the report. I say I get to see am first”
“Okay,I can take you to the hospital”
“You dey mad?,you want make an officer of the law follow you. Oya commot from here before I put you inside cell. Go!!”
“You wan sleep for cell?”
She shook her head
“Oya dey go. If you want your father to live,then carry am come here”

She stood for sometime,still confused on what to do,she hailed a cab
“Reavon”,she said
“That government hospital?”
She got in

She paid the cab driver and walked into the reception and walked up to where Tiara and her dad sat
“Tia,there’s a problem”
“The police won’t give me the report unless they see dad. They said we should bring him to the station”station”

“He’s not gonna last for that journey”
“What do we do now?”
“I’m going to the police station myself”,Tiara said already getting up
“T…ia……”,Mr d!ckson spoke and they both turned
“T….ake me….ho…me”
Fiona walked and knelt before her dad “Dad you need medical attention”
“J…ust t…ake me home”,he said with finality.
“Let’s go”,Tiara said “Let’s go home”

The Michaels got to their small two bedroom apartment. Each of the two girls holding their dad by the side,entered the parlour and into his bedroom and la!d him on the bed.
“Mmmm”,d!ckson broke the awkward silence “There is….no do..ubt th….that…I’m goo… ing to die today but bef…ore I go,I want the two….”,he coughed “….two of…yoo…u to promise me one thi…one thing”
Fiona said “Hush dad,do not try to talk. Save your strength”
“I’m dying, Fiona… and I’ll not…. be hushed. In twenty…”,he spat blood and lay gasping for breath before he could continue “I’ll be…dying”
“What do you want of us?”,Tiara asked
“Revenge and you”,he said pointing to the both of them “you…will…ca….carry out the revenge”
Fiona said “Dad,just save your strength”
“Promise me”,he said ignoring Fiona
“Promise”,Tiara’s cold voice said and d!ckson’s eyes averted to Fiona wanting to hear her answer. Seconds ticked by,still no answer from Fiona and he still looked at her,holding her gaze
“This is the last…thing”,he coughed “I wa…want,Fi and if you….you can’t… give it to…to me,then…then you are not my…my daughter”
“I promise”,she finally said

“There’s…a wooden box…in that ward…”,he coughed out blood again “…in that..wardrobe,you’ll find…all the…answers you need. There’s… a fixed…fixed deposit I opened before…I dissolved the..the partnership, it is…due in three months…time and worth billions.. you’ll never be poor again…and’ll also need it..for the revenge”,he turned to Fiona “Go and…get me some…some water”,she nodded.

She knew there was no water,so she had to walk down to the road to get a bag of pure water.

Tiara asked her dad as soon as Fiona had left the room
“Who did this to you?”

“Elliott”,d!ckson said
“You mean the owner of the paper company?, Tiara asked confused
“Yes,the same Elliott”
“But why?”
“He was told….to…do so”
“You’ll find… out that…soon enough”,he continued “I was trained…… ow that suicide is a…sin”,he looked up at Tiara
“You…you’re going to….end my misery”
“What?,I cannot do that”
“Oh yes…yes you can. I…I have suffered…in life and I…will not suffer in death. Just…do…it!”,but she didn’t bugle.
“Do it!!….Do it!!…Do it now!!”
“I love you,dad and I will see to the revenge”,she said as tears began streaming down her eyes
“I love…you too,Tia”,and he added with a little laughter “And after you must have received the money from the fixed deposit,have a drink in my name”,and his expression changed to a more serious one “Now do it!!”,he said in between clenched teeth

Tiara reached for a pillow and placed it on her father’s face,she added more strength and her dad’s arm held unto hers,she added more strength to it as more tears came until she felt her father’s grip loosened and she felt his body become still,she removed the pillow and replaced it where she saw it and closed her dad’s eye,just then Fiona walked in with the water in the glass cup and the water spilled forming a carpet around her “Dad?”,she shaked him “Dad!!!”,she wailed and began crying. Tiara walked to the window,not wanting Fiona to see her.

Tiara brushed at the tear,caught it on her fingertip. She studied it as if it were some exotic specimen just discovered

It was exactly three days after the burial of their father,both sisters sat at the sitting room each thinking of the dad in different aspects

Tiara was thinking about the fact that she killed their father with a pillow and Fiona knew nothing about it and would never forgive her if she ever found out

Fiona thought how she didn’t get the chance to bid her dad goodbye neither did she do that with her mother, maybe if she had come some sounds earlier in the case of her mum and maybe if she had refused to go get the water for her dad and he had asked her for revenge?

She was startled when Tiara placed the wooden box in front of her,curiosity got the best of her and she opened it before Tiara got the chance to sit down. She opened it and brought out old newspaper chippings and also brought out a diary
“Who would have taught dad had a diary”,Fiona said,more of a statement than a question
“This is…”,Fiona said pointing at the photographs in the newspaper ….”Daniel Okolie,Robert Obiaku and Paul..what!?”,she stood “Paul Green?,Joshua’s father?… My God!”

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