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  Date: May 26, 2016

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I was squeezing and pressing. I traced my hands down to her abdomen, still doing the kissing. Just as I was about unzipping her trouser, she said “STOP”, I refused but she removed her mouth and shifted a bit

BIMPE: baby, don’t you think its
too early for us to have sex?.

We are going to get married and enjoy ourselves till eternity, why should we rush?. And besides, this is our first date dear. Pls ******she wore this innocent girl look******* I just wore a straight face and refuse to say anything.

She noticed that I am unhappy. So she came
closer again and kissed me. She started rubbing my chest, I was happy thinking she is ready to play. Just as I was about pressing her b0s0ms, she held my hand and said, “baby, pls hurry to the bank be cos of time, I will surprise you when you are back.

Immediately I heard the word 'suprise', I
suddenly smile and became restless. I dashed into my wardrobe, picked up a shirt...Picked my ATM card. Just as I was about stepping out of the room, her phone rang ********
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