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  Date: November 3, 2015

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Something strange was happening by the time i got back. my guys where huddled together in a close knot talking in whispers,their girlfriends were in another table,or some had left.

when my guys behave in such a strange manner something was up. i quickened my pace. there was a new face now. it was moses afolabi,wetin this yoruba boy dey do here?.

me and moses go way back to my secondary school days. he is one person i can call a true friend.

the guy used to help me do my math assignments those days and apart from being more handsome than
me his father was loaded.

but what i like about him is that he shared my likeness for the female folks.
birds of a feather they say. “mosbi how you dey”. he got up to shake me.

the way he even said the fine you will know something was wrong.

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he was in his usual cheerful self.i looked round the table,nobody was smiling either.they all had long
faces.’wetin dey do all of una self?”
i asked.”guy sitdown.serious matter dey ground”.

i found an empty chair and joined in the conversation.
”oya i don sitdown,wetin happen?”.he looked down as he answered “paulo don kick bucket o”.i couldn’t believe my ears.”paulo.which paul?”.

”na our paulo o.paul zacchus”..this was not true i told myself,i saw the guy two weeks ago.

”na lie” i shouted.”how he take die?” i asked.he hesistated, looked at the others,took a deep breath before dropping the bomb shell.”na,na,mami-wata”.

my throat dried instantly,this was truly serious.i could feel my spine stiff.

oh No not again.paul was the 12th person mami-wata has killed.


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March 8, 2016

Lol wow dat was so realy great affection and d story hav somtin to teach we d boys i thank d ryter i tink he has 68% dere keep it up was so enjoy able

March 14, 2016


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