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  Date: March 7, 2016

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After like 5 seconds of knocking…
Caro told the person to come that d door is not locked. The door fling open and A curvilicious lady walk in,

Caro : Tania baby
Tania : how are you dear
Caro : Am fine..
Why are you knocking ? If i had know you are the one, won’t have told you to come innn..
Tania : madam no change am for me joor.. I dey knock before i enter your room before !
Caro : why you come knock today aunty ?
Tania : i saw a Airmax nike boat outside.. and i know girls don’t rock that kind of thing.
Caro : naughty you..
Meet my brother i told you about .. Olabep meet Tania..

Me : good afternoon
Tania : afternoon handsome ! How are you ?
Me : am fine
Tania : how’s dad and mum
Me: they are fine
Tania : caro already told me alot about you, so i don’t need to bother you for now..
Me : about me ? Surprised..

“For my mind i just dey think am say, so caro too na talkactive”

Me : the bad or the good side
Tania : both
Me : ahh ahh *frown Face*
Tania : she told me you are brilliant, she said you love rapping, you are an arsenal fan same as me..
Me : is that all ?? I breath as a sign of relief because all what she told are true..
Taina : yea that’s all.. But there’s one thing she did not tell me..
Me and caro : what’s that ??
Tania : she never told me you like [email protected]@bs, because you have been starring at my [email protected]@bs since.. *she gigled
I was ashamed because she caught me..
Have been scanning her from her [email protected]@bs to her curve.. But caro quickly come to my rescue..
Caro : miss [email protected]@b abeg come dey go your room.. Pls don’t corrupt my brother.. She said jokingly..
After if he wan look [email protected]@b me too get..
Tania : shey na that small orange wey dey your chest you dey call [email protected]@b
Caro : shey na your own water melon come be [email protected]@b…
Omo forget small [email protected]@b is the best..
We all burst into laughter..

To Be Continued…

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