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  Date: March 7, 2016

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Tania was the one that open the door…

Tania: whats up brother and sister..
Caro: ola is angry with me, begging him since. Tania: what happened

“Caro narrated everything that happen to her, how i planned to travel back the following day.. But i notice her facial expression changed when caro show her the status.. She had already screenshot it..

“Let me not long things

She also join caro in begging..

I told her am not travelling anymore.. But its not that am serious with it too.. Its just a threat, i know many enjoyment still awaits
me.. But i still refuse to eat that night.

Tania left at past 10 that day..
I slept immediately, caro had told me earlier that the church she attend the service is 7 to 10..

I woke 6 am that sunday morning, caro had left the bed already..

I say my morning prayer for some minutes.. I stood up from bed went to the bathroom, brush my teeth and had my bath..

I was applying cream on my body when caro
came out of the kitchen with two cup of tea and fry egg.

She went to the kitchen again, she came bag with a slice bread..

The expression on face clearly shows am
concern.. Caro: what happen ?

Me: nothing. Caro: stop hiding things from me. I know something is wrong.

Me: i was wondering where you got the bread from..

Caro: i bought it when i was coming back
yesterday.. I did not meet you at home. That was why, you are not aware.

Me: ok.. Am sorry for my behaviour yesterday..I did not mean to be rude.

Caro: no problem.. Am sorry for coming too hard too..

She went to the bathroom to have her bath..
I had already dressed up before she comes back..

I put on a black and blue ankara.. I was eating and she was making up..

I finished my food, and took the dish to the
kitchen.. i was amazed when i came out of the kitchen, she was putting on that same ankara outfit..

Me: you will pay for copying me oh

Caro: don’t worry,name your price.

Me: ten million

Caro: so cheap.. I will call my accountant to sort that.. She ate her food and we depart for church We boarded a bike.. “the church wasn’t that big, she went to sit at the front, i located a sit very close to the back..

The church service went well..
*Back at home*

Caro: how was the service ?

Me: it was good

Caro: you did not came out when the pastor said all the first timer should come out for prayer. Why ?

Me: nothing.. I just feel like.

Caro: what should we eat this afternoon

Me: anything aunty

Caro: say something

Me: ok. Rice.

Caro: but did you know what..

Me: what

Caro: we are going to the kitchen together.

After eating that noon.. I switched on my phone data.. Tania, sheyi and lincoln had dropped message on whatsapp.. I replied lincoln first.. I told him,i will show up at his room soon. Sheyi dropped message apologizin for what happened.. I replied her
that am not angry..

Tania was asking me, what is going on between me and sheyi i ignored
her own message.. I went to lincoln’s room..i did not bother to knock since i had informed him.. I was shocked with what i see..

To Be Continued…
Just need 5 comments for the continuation.

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