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  Date: March 12, 2016

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“We’ll get to know the members of the board and the percentage of their shares”
“What’s the name of the company?”
“Obiaku’s Worldwide. I want to know his board members and their shares percentage”
“That will be all”
And they were dismissed

When Joel reached the company, he asked the receptionist directions to Fiona’s office where he bumped into her secretary
“Good afternoon, I’d like to speak with Fiona,please”
“Good day,Sir. Do you have an appointment?”
“No,I don’t. Look,I have to deliver a message from her sister to her”
“It’s important”
“You could just have a seat while I check if I can sq££ze you in”

Joel had sat in the secretary’s office for two hours and watch people come and go,then decided he would go in immediately the person inside comes out
“Sir! Sir!. You can’t just go in!”,but Joel wouldn’t hear of it. He was already in
“Ma’am, I tried to stop him but I wasn’t fast enough. I’m sorry ma’am”,the secretary apologized
“Does he have an appointment?”,Fiona asked
“No madam”
“I’ll take it from here. Go back to your office”
“Yes madam”
After the door was shut behind them,Joel thought it was wise to introduce himself
“I am Joel and I work for your sister”
“I know who you are. What do you want?”
She hated these thugs her sisters hired and she keeps wondering what they were hired for.
“I was sent by your sister to tell you that she wants to talk with you and that you’re to come with me immediately”
“What!?. Who does Tiara think she is?,all she knows how to do is give orders!. I am not leaving until I dismiss from work”

“I’m sorry, ma’am,then I will have to use force”
“Force? you’re not serious”,but his face told her otherwise
“I am”
“Fine. I’ll just grab my stuffs”

“Tiara,what’s the meaning of this?”,Fiona asked immediately she entered the sitting room but Tiara turned to Joel
“You took three hours”
“I had to wait because I had no appointment”
“You can go. I’ll deal with you later”
Joel turned and left
“Tiara,what do you want?”
“Why didn’t you tell me you saw Joshua on your first day?”
“Have you been spying on me?”
No answer
“Answer me!”,Fiona shouted
“I’m not gonna dignify that question with an answer”
“Fine. I saw Joshua”
“And you didn’t tell me. Why?”
“Because you don’t own my life!”
“Okay. Paul knows you manage the company”
Fiona sat on the chair
“What do we do now?”,she asked in a lower tone
“You’ll have to get close to Joshua, date him again if you have to”
“What?,I can’t, I don’t even trust him”
“You created this mess and you’ll have to take care of it while I deal with Paul Green”

“This revenge just took another turn”,with that Tiara left

Paul paced in his office. He had rolled up the sleeves of his shirt,he had pulled off his jacket and he had loosened his tie.
He had tried getting ahold of Robert but was told he was out of the country trying to settle a deal. He tried to reach Daniel but he was on a vocation with his family which made him little bit scared because Daniel never took vocations. Nothing was working out for him. Right now,the only option was to hire an assassin to kill the children of d!ckson,he had to get rid of that family, they all stand as a threat but to use an assassin you haven’t used before was an even bigger threat. Elliott took care of all the dirty jobs;either he did it or hired someone to do it,to kill people who stood in his way and the Michaels were doing exactly that….
“Dad,why are you pacing?”,Joshua asked
“What? No,I’m not pacing”
“Dad,you were pacing and mumbling something to yourself”
“You must be dreaming”
“No,I’m not. I stood by the door and watched you for like five minutes. You don’t look alright”
“Josh,I am alright”,Paul knew Joshua wasn’t convinced,so he lied instead “I’m just having some problems with a new contract”
“Dad,I’ve told you countless of times that you should leave all contracts to me. You have a bad health for God’s sake”
“Oh Josh,you make me feel old”
“Yes, because you’re precisely old”
“I thought you told that the last thing you consider me is old”,he said between laughter
“Dad,don’t try to be funny. Why don’t you take the rest of the day off”
“Joshua, I’m alright”
“Okay, fine. Why don’t you take a seat? I’ll send coffee for you when I’m downstairs”
“Downstairs?,are you going out?”
“Yes. I am going to Elliott’s paper company”

It was time to deal with Paul Green though she would like to deal with him last,she would like to watch him suffer, she would like him to watch as she takes everything he owns from him,she would like to hear him beg her to end his misery but before that he would ask her father for forgiveness and she would say “Too bad he can’t hear you because you killed him” and she would gladly end his misery but slowly. Paul Green would wish he could turn back the hands of time

She had had nightmares and all she saw was when she was pressing the pillow to suffocate her dad,his face would suddenly change to Paul Green and she would increase her effort and Paul would die and she that instant that her beats for the death of Paul Green and revenge.
Paul Green had the greatest share of mistake among the three; cheating her father out of the company he built with his sweat,sending Elliott to murder her father and the last was calling the receptionist to ask who the manager was and one thing was for certain—he was going to pay.

She had to get rid of Paul and there was only one way to do that. She picked up her phone and dialed Pedro’s number
“Tiara,what’s up?”,Pedro spoke immediately he picked the call
“Pedro, I would like to see Sam and Victoria”
“Fine,I’ll let them know. What’s it about?”
“If you want to find out,then you have to come with them”
“Fine”,the line went dead

“What are going there for,Josh?”,Paul asked
“Have they made the supplies?”
“Yes they have”
“So why are you going there?”
“Dad,I told you it’s nothing. There’s something I need to take care of”
“You’re sure it’s nothing?”
“One hundred percent sure”
“I’ll see you soon,old man”
“Josh,I hate that name and I am not yet old”
“Yes I forgot,you’re younger than me”
They laughed
“Get out of my office before I spank you”,Paul said amid laughter
“No problem, old man”,Joshua left before his father would say another thing
As Joshua left his father’s office, he knew the problem Joshua was going to take care of—Fiona Michaels

Sam and Sugar got to the sitting room and met an already seated Tiara who wasn’t at all surprised to see Pedro with them.
Pedro was always the one to speak and the person who calls Tiara by her name
“Tiara,we’re here”,Pedro said
“I want you guys to take care of Paul Green”
“What do you mean by take care of?”
No answer but Pedro doesn’t need an answer to that question because he could see it in her eyes.
“Make it look like an accident”,Tiara said ignoring the question Pedro asked
Pedro turned to Sam and Sugar
“Could you give us a minute?”
“No problem”,Sam said and they left
“Tiara,it is not yet time to kill”
“I want him dead”
“I know but there are other ways”
“What other ways?”
“You could keep him alive and make him wish he was dead”
She loved the sound of that,just what she wanted
“Let’s hear it”

When the receptionist of the paper company saw Tiara accompanied by Sugar, she knew Tiara has changed but thought it was because of her recently acquired wealth, if only she knew better
“Mr Paul Green called you sometime, yes?”
This girl is really mean,no greeting, no nothing,just straight to the point,the receptionist thought
“Yes,Miss Tiara”
“I want you to call his company and request to speak with him,tell him Elliott would like to speak with him”
“Yes ma’am”
Within five minutes, Paul was on the line. Tiara turned to the receptionist “Leave”,and she left
“Mr Elliott..”,Paul started
“This is Tiara Michaels, Mr Paul”
“What’s the meaning of this?”
“You killed my father. You sent Elliott to murder my father”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about”
No answer
Paul continued “And you shouldn’t be alive”
“There’s going to be a blood bath,one of us is going six feet under and I promise you,it won’t be me”
Paul disconnected
Tiara took out her cell phone
“My part is done, it’s time for yours”,she disconnected

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