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  Date: November 3, 2015

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kabiru and the policeman i had agreement with later came to the hospital to claim their payment.’

oboy how you dey na?’ kabiru asked.’
i don dey better small small’.’thats good’..’shey you know why we come here?’ the other policeman said with hesistation.

i nodded and reached under the bed for the bag that i hid there.

i unlock the big padlock on the bag and removed 25k which i handed to him.he counted it and turned to me,’wetin be this?’.
‘na the money na’.

‘the money don increase to 100k’. What? I couldn’t believe this.’why?’.

Kabiru placed his hand on my shoulder,’oboy we got to settle oga too.moreover we don open case file for your matter and to close the file go cost you.” they were not serious.100k?.

‘but this was not our agreement.this is unacceptable”.

The other policeman flung the money at me angrily,’who you dey blow all this grammer for.

you think say we they play with you.
if you no get the cash,wear cloth follow us go station for questioning.

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your cell dey wait you”.
Kabiru gave my shoulder a gentle squeeze and added,’we go lock you up for the same cell with demon extinquisher and him church members.”
me and demon extinquisher in the same cell.

no way in hell.if that guy handle me one more time i was done for.

if craze prophet handle you,na there you go know say police is your friend.e better settle them now before the money go up.i quietly gave them the cash make them comot hand for my neck.

they left with smiles on their faces.
an hour later nurse mercy came in.
her bosoms and front yard where dancing up and down as she walked.

as she lean downed to check my temperature her bosoms pressed my chest. my anaconda quickly stood at attention.

i gently grabbed her waist out of involuntary impulse she tried to pull away but her drew her nearer.

i kissed her,she kissed back.i attacked one of the giant mangoes.she forcefully pulled away.’what?.i asked.’later.let the doctor leave’. ‘ok fine by me’

She later came back after the doctors had left.she was ready to collect and i was ready to give.i kissed her neck down to her bosoms.

i started sucking her left mangoe.i licked the right like ice cream.i removed my bursars.she grabbed my erect anaconda and started sucking.

i was in i tried to insert my anaconda she held it mid-air.what? “what is this”.

She had a devilish smile in her face.the wind started blowing.her clothe changed to white.

complete white.o No.

she squeezed my blockos hard i winced.she wanted to kill me.


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