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  Date: November 3, 2015

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he replied.i was getting confused.’then why una come?’.he pointed his finger towards demon extinquisher.

’that yeye prophet give one 15 years old girl belly.we also receive info say he impregnate two other married women for him church’.

who knew demon extinquisher would like women this way even give them belly.

wonders shall never end.prophets of now adays.another question came to my mind.’which reason una go give una oga for office say una beat demon extinquisher?’.

’that one na small thing na.
he was resisting arrest,so we had to use force’
.you go fear naija police with their ways.

i was admitted in opolo central hospital.
my body still ached from the torture given to me by demon extinquisher all in the name of driving mami-wata spirit from my body.

people started visiting me in the hospital.friends,co-workers,girlfriends,family and some busy bodies.
some brought gifts,it was as if i had died and come back.

i didn’t want to leave the hospital,the kind of care i was shown was fascinating.the thing i liked most in this hospital was the nurse assigned to me.

her name was mercy,fine name with fine face.she was fair in complexion,open teeth and her gadgets na

she was very nice to me,i too reciprocated,in cash that is.
anytime i sent her to buy something for me i would tell her to keep the change.i never still learn my lesson.


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