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  Date: October 16, 2016

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After sacrificing a lot, i was able to corner 200 naira airtel card which i used to subscribe 2g for my sim…

With my newly hustled data which must be
managed for the next 2 weeks, I was jejely
surfing nairaland on my broken screen nokia
2100 java phone that fateful morning, trying to figure out the b0s0m or cleaveage exposing threads , whether i should go for cossy expose milkshake or it is Mocheddah fails to wear bra I should click first , a message entered into my phone…

The phone switched off as usual when it received the message as a result of the thuraya sim slot I enginereed on it.

I had to removed the yellow rubber bands which i used to tie the “handset” together… After using my tongue to taste the battery
current, i inserted the tecno battery back into the phone..

Thinking it was all these Mtn ( Do you know 2 plus 2 is equal to 4, for more solutions, text maths to 419) kinda of messages, i didnt bother to check it……

As I finished drinking my sugarless and milkless garri at around 6pm which will also serve as my dinner and with nothing left to do, I continued viewing Dija exposes b0s0m threads with my dangote groundnut oil placed strategically besides me..

I was Still enjoying myself as i surfed subdeliveryman and trailerjamshow tls on my twitter when the shuffle playlist i was listening to with my earpiece suddenly played VIC O ,its drake and milk oh oh..

How the song got to my phone is till a mystery but i suspect it must be the handiwork of rufus, the phone repairer who said he was going to punish me for not paying him completely after he fixed a motorola memory card slot for my phone..

He must have sent this virus through bluetooth to my phone….

I had no choice than to close my opera mini and stop the noise playing from my phone and in that process, checked the message i received.

To say i was shocked would be and understatement when i saw it was an alert of 80 thousand naira…

I checked the message, message sender and
previous alert messages from my bank again to confirm whether i was not been tricked….
I opened the window, looked around , jumped up, used blade to cut my skin small and came back to check the phone one more time, ….

And i saw it clearly…. 90 thousand naira only…. 90,000, 90,000 , …. The money alert was actually from my bank…. Haha, i closed the Cossy b0s0m in red gown thread i was viewing and around 8 30pm that same day, i borrowed 100 naira from lasisi69 my neighbour and quickly rushed to take a
motorcycle to the nearest ATM….

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