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“The Internet has changed the world in a lot of ways, it has improved the way we communicate with others, enhanced globalisation, and given us unprecedented access to knowledge”.

Even with all the improvement the internet has given to us, it has its own flaws, too and one of the major flaw of the internet is how it can negatively impact one’s relationship. The Internet has changed the way so many view their relationships and it has opened doors for many to have encounters with people they might not have met in real life, “one can now pick a date off an app and meet up with them within 20 minutes, if they don’t click, they can find someone else tomorrow”.

Apart from improving the odds of one meeting someone ideal, the Internet is also capable of damaging one’s relationships for good. Below are ways the internet can ruin your relationship.

It can make you jealous, before you know it you start getting jealous of comments your partner is receiving on their pictures and also start noticing one particular person that is quick to comment and like your partner’s pictures and what relationship they have together.

“You say things you wouldn’t say in person, it’s like close to midnight and he/she is still on Facebook, instagram chatting, who is they talking to? If there was no internet, you would be in bed now, blissfully unaware of what your partner is up to but because you can see he/she is online, you imagine the worst, so you message your partner”.

“You compare your relationship with others, the internet can easily distort what a relationship is meant to be like, it skews our perception and can leave us feeling down because we’re not getting as much out of this as other people are getting out of their relationships”.

Is his/her status about you, sometimes people love to make super ambiguous statues and when you see such you start wondering if the status is about your relationship with them or if it is aimed at you.

“You don’t enjoy private moments with your partner again, raise your hands up if you’ve been on a date with your partner and updated all your social media followers and friends during the date?, maybe you’ve made a few statuses and uploaded a few photos, doing this means you are actively sharing private moments publicly because you are inviting others into your date, this can harm the intimacy between the two of you, and it also means that you’re failing to enjoy the present moment”.

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