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The truth might hurt but it will ultimately set you free and save you from further heartache, men know exactly what they want from you before and immediately they get involved with you, they know what they can get away with and how much crap you as a lady is willing to tolerate before you snap.

“It may take longer for a man to fall in love, to find the one he wants to marry, but a man knows who he can sleep with and who he is going to make the extra effort for, if the degree in which you feel “in love” with him is greater than his interest in making the effort, he will take advantage of that and of you”.

Here are ways to know he is just using you for s3x.

His conversations are all about what he wants to do with you s3xually, he rarely shows interest in getting to know you or your interest and all conversations quickly shift towards what he wants to do with you or to you when he gets you into his bed. He talks in a sexual manner: “I love your boobs” or asking questions about what pleases you in bed or, of course, telling you what he likes. “He talks in a sexual manner always, “I love your boobs” or asking questions about what pleases you in bed or, of course, telling you what he likes and when you start discussing real things about you or your life, he acts too busy or tells you, “Let’s chat about this another time and you keep asking yourself where the relationship is going” Let me tell you, my dear, it is NOWHERE.

“He dodges the “Where Is This Relationship Going?” conversation all the time, “a guy that’s truly into you is very approachable when it comes to asking a difficult question, the uncomfortable man who is not ready for a relationship avoids the subject at all costs, fails to communicate his feelings, and gives his sob story of why “he’s not ready” and how he’d prefer to just take it one day at a time”.

“Usually at this point, you have already fallen head over heels and spent most of your time hoping and wishing he’ll change his mind, having this kind of conversation is never complicated with the right guy, so speak up and let this guy go if it’s clear he doesn’t want to stick around”.

“His follow up is inconsistent, when his follow-up between dates is inconsistent, yet he constantly implies he’d really like to see you again, he won’t give you an exact time or date, but as soon as he knows he’ll get back to you and he plans dates at the last minute, closer to bedtime”. A man who is into you will always make seeing you a priority no matter how busy both of you are and one who only wants s3x will make last minutes plan and never follow up after the s3x.

“He never refers to you as his girlfriend, an actual boyfriend never puts you in this precarious situation in the first place, having your for his girlfriend makes him feel good he feels like the lucky one and is always happy to refer to you as his girlfriend”.

He hates hanging out with your friends, a guy who is into you will always be anxious to meet your friends and win their approval, blending and merging into your life will be important to him.

“Knowing when your man wants you for s3x or because he’s actually sincerely interested in you is not tricky to figure out, trust your gut and these telltale signs and love yourself enough to accept the truth when you see it”.

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